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2021 All-Star Skills Challenge

As you may know, in years past we have hosted the GABL All-Star Classic as a way of honoring players from around the league. Unfortunately, our 25th annual All-Star Classic had to be canceled last year due to Covid-19, and it is unlikely that we will be able to host it again this year as we continue to follow our return to play policies.

However, honoring GABL athletes is something we feel to be extremely important, so this year will be hosting a special event in the form of an All-Star Skills Challenge. All-Stars from around the league will get a chance to compete against each other in socially distanced shooting and skill competitions.

- The All-Star Skills Challenge will take place Saturday, March 13 at our Homefield location in Olathe.

- Each 3rd-7th grade Boys and Girls team will nominate one player to participate in the All-Star Skills Challenge.
(The All-Star nomination process is completely up to each coach, but we recommend having the team vote for a nominee)

Click HERE to nominate your 2021 All-Star

*This event is completely free


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Thank you to everyone who came out for the 2021 All-Star Skills Competition!

Each round was determined by grade level and each All-Star competed in three challenges:

-Hot Shot Challenge (Sum of points in 30 seconds)
-Free Throw Challenge (Sum of points in 60 seconds)
-Skills Challenge (Sum of points of targets/shots made - time)

Here are the following winners of the 2021 All-Star Competition:

3rd Grade All-Star Champions

Adam Merfen
HS: 4         FT: 7          SC:  5 - 2 - 10     20.98s
Ashlyn Beckley
HS: 5        FT: 8         SC:  5 - 2 - 10     26.14s

4th Grade All-Star Champions

Sam Niemann
HS: 8         FT: 10         SC:  5 - 2 - 10     21.34s

Alexis Reiswig
HS: 6         FT: 12         SC:  0 - 2 - 10     23.54s

5th Grade All-Star Champions

Cole Benlon
HS: 12         FT: 9         SC:  0 - 2 - 10     19.95s

Alexander Jones (2nd place Tavia  Barton)
HS: 7        FT: 4        SC:  5- 2 - 0     22.14s

6th / 7th Grade All-Star Champions

Right - 7th Winner Ben Allen
HS: 11         FT: 13         SC:  5 - 2 - 10     20.55s

Left - 6th Winner Troy Weineke
HS: 7         FT: 10         SC:  5 - 2 - 10     20.68s
Right - 6th Winner  Maddie McConville
HS: 10         FT:9          SC:  5-0-10      21.38s

Left - 7th Winner Addison Stover
HS: 11         FT: 6        SC:  5 - 2 - 0     20.75s

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