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Regular Season Schedules

Date AwayTeam HomeTeam Time Location/Field
01/18/20201st- Hook (St. Joseph)1st- Buser (SMS) 9:00AM - 10:10AMCorinth Elementary / Gym 
01/18/20201st- McDougald- White1st- Shibel (SMS)10:10AM - 11:20AMCorinth Elementary / Gym 
01/18/20201st- Lonesk (SMW)1st- Blake (St. Ann)11:20AM - 12:30PMCorinth Elementary / Gym 
01/18/20201st- Hogan (SME)1st- Nielsen (St. Pauls)12:30PM - 1:40PMBrookridge Elementary / Gym 
01/25/20201st- Shibel (SMS)1st- Hogan (SME) 9:00AM - 10:10AMCorinth Elementary / Gym 
01/25/20201st- Blake (St. Ann)1st- Hook (St. Joseph)10:10AM - 11:20AMCorinth Elementary / Gym 
01/25/20201st- Nielsen (St. Pauls)1st- Lonesk (SMW)11:20AM - 12:30PMCorinth Elementary / Gym 
01/25/20201st- Buser (SMS)1st- Avey (OW)12:30PM - 1:40PMBrookridge Elementary / Gym 
02/01/20201st- Hogan (SME)1st- McDougald- White 9:00AM - 10:10AMBrookridge Elementary / Gym 
02/01/20201st- Avey (OW)1st- Blake (St. Ann) 9:00AM - 10:10AMCorinth Elementary / Gym 
02/01/20201st- Lonesk (SMW)1st- Shibel (SMS)10:10AM - 11:20AMCorinth Elementary / Gym 
02/01/20201st- Hook (St. Joseph)1st- Nielsen (St. Pauls)11:20AM - 12:30PMCorinth Elementary / Gym 
02/08/20201st- McDougald- White1st- Lonesk (SMW) 9:00AM - 10:10AMCorinth Elementary / Gym 
02/08/20201st- Blake (St. Ann)1st- Buser (SMS)10:10AM - 11:20AMCorinth Elementary / Gym 
02/08/20201st- Shibel (SMS)1st- Hook (St. Joseph)11:20AM - 12:30PMCorinth Elementary / Gym 
02/08/20201st- Nielsen (St. Pauls)1st- Rapelye (Cure of Ars)12:30PM - 1:40PMBrookridge Elementary / Gym 
02/09/20201st- Hogan (SME)1st- Avey (OW) 2:30PM - 3:40PMBrookridge Elementary / Gym 
02/15/20201st- Buser (SMS)1st- Nielsen (St. Pauls) 9:00AM - 10:10AMCorinth Elementary / Gym 
02/15/20201st- Hook (St. Joseph)1st- McDougald- White10:10AM - 11:20AMCorinth Elementary / Gym 
02/15/20201st- Avey (OW)1st- Shibel (SMS)11:20AM - 12:30PMCorinth Elementary / Gym 
02/15/20201st- Lonesk (SMW)1st- Hogan (SME)12:30PM - 1:40PMBrookridge Elementary / Gym 
02/16/20201st- Rapelye (Cure of Ars)1st- Blake (St. Ann) 2:30PM - 3:30PMBrookridge Elementary / Gym 
02/22/20201st- Hogan (SME)1st- Hook (St. Joseph) 9:00AM - 10:10AMCorinth Elementary / Gym 
02/22/20201st- Shibel (SMS)1st- Buser (SMS)10:10AM - 11:20AMCorinth Elementary / Gym 
02/22/20201st- McDougald- White1st- Avey (OW)11:20AM - 12:30PMCorinth Elementary / Gym 
02/22/20201st- Nielsen (St. Pauls)1st- Blake (St. Ann)12:30PM - 1:40PMBrookridge Elementary / Gym 
02/23/20201st- Buser (SMS)1st- Lonesk (SMW)11:00AM - 12:10PMCorinth Elementary / Gym 
02/23/20201st- Nielsen (St. Pauls)1st- McDougald- White12:10PM - 1:20PMCorinth Elementary / Gym 
02/23/20201st- Blake (St. Ann)1st- Hogan (SME) 1:30PM - 2:40PMCorinth Elementary / Gym 
02/23/20201st- Avey (OW)1st- Hook (St. Joseph) 3:40PM - 4:50PMBrookridge Elementary / Gym 
02/29/20201st- Blake (St. Ann)1st- Shibel (SMS) 9:00AM - 10:10AMCorinth Elementary / Gym 
02/29/20201st- Buser (SMS)1st- Fitzgerald (Holy Trinity)10:10AM - 11:20AMBrookridge Elementary / Gym 
02/29/20201st- Avey (OW)1st- Lonesk (SMW)11:20AM - 12:30PMBrookridge Elementary / Gym 

Note: Highlighted Team(s) belong to Divisions expired before specified Match Date.


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