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1st Grade Boys
2nd Grade Boys
3rd Grade Boys
4th Grade Boys
5th Grade Boys
6th Grade Boys
7th Grade Boys

1st-2nd Grade Girls
3rd Grade Girls
4th Grade Girls
5th Grade Girls
6th Grade Girls
7th Grade Girls

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The 1st weekend of preseason 5-on-5 games will be posted the week of Thanksgiving.
We will use the results from the 1st weekend of games to schedule the 2nd weekend of games. 
The schedule for the 2nd weekend of preseason games will be posted by the end of the day on December 8.
We do this to create competitive match-ups in order to place your team in the correct division for the regular season.
Teams will either play 2 or 3 preseason games.
Your regular season will either start December 18-20 or January 8-10 based on the amount of preseason games your team plays.

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